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A conviction for drunk driving stays on your record for life. DUI conviction may result in long prison sentences and may impact your ability to get or keep a job. Call Jim for a free case evaluation right now.

DUI Defense
If you have been charged with a drunk driving (DUI / DWI) offense in Van Buren County, Berrien County, or Cass County, you need a criminal defense attorney. Attorney Jim Kolosowsky will defend, inform, and guide you through the difficult and complex process of pretrial rights and procedures, such as the Michigan Datamaster test, the trial itself, and the process for license restoration.

Michigan law defines three levels of offenses involving drunk driving:

First Offense: Your first offense could result in license sanctions, such as a six-month suspension, and up to ninety days in jail.

Second Offense: The second offense could result in a one-year jail sentence and an indefinite loss of your driver's license.

Third Offense: If you have committed your third offense DUI/DWI, you will be charged with a felony. These charges can include out-of-state offenses as well. Becase the third offense is considered a felony offense, a conviction could result in a one-to-five-year jail sentence and the permanent loss of your license.

Michigan drunk driving attorney Jim Kolosowsky knows the state's DUI laws, and will aggressively represent you throughout the pendancy of your case. If you have been charged with DUI, call Jim for a free case evaluation right now.
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